The right hire makes a tremendous difference. People built your company, and the right ones will take it to the next level. Let us help you.
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How SkillEase works

SkillEase isn’t a staffing company—we’re a career management firm designed for you. And that difference is clearest in our employer programs, designed for you to succeed.

Understanding your needs

Our candidates are fully credentialed for their skills and work experience, but also for their work style and goals for career development. We identify each individual’s ideal job roles, so you get your choice of candidates with ideal role fitness.
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Making the best match

We strive to understand your unique way of doing business, so you see skilled candidates who match your needs and culture of work. We want your match to be the very best match. Our employer partners benefit from candidates whose skills, experience, personality, and goals are right in line with their new job.

Prepared to deliver

SkillEase candidates are prepared for success. Whether it’s the right equipment, software, special training, or domain information, we provide a skilled employee who is fully prepared to be effective from the first day on the job.
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A whole team of support

Our Service Guarantee is a promise. Your new hire is even more effective with our whole team supporting them. We provide hotline access, role coaching, technical infrastructure, training, and a sophisticated knowledge base. Ongoing career services and skill training keep employees engaged in their career and vitally interested in succeeding with you because it moves them along their own route to career success.

Looking ahead

We work with you to anticipate upcoming positions and anticipate the skill gaps that would slow you down. We upskill candidates so they’re ready to take advantage of emerging opportunities. We even develop employer-specific training programs to provide candidates who are custom trained and just in time.

Industries we hire in

Your career coach works with you to find the best opportunities for you. Whether your passion is healthcare, engineering, programming, or something else entirely, SkillEase works with employers across dozens of industries. What do they have in common? A need for highly skilled candidates who are ready to show what they know.
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Our Employer Partners

We have earned a reputation for great matches in great companies. Our employment partners know SkillEase only presents high quality matches, so you have your best chance to work with employers who value you. The right introduction to the right employer can make a big difference in your career.
SkillEase employer partners
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Expect More

SkillEase works hard to make sure you receive fair treatment and are placed with reputable employers. We maintain an environment of trust. That means staying current with all regulations, making sure our employer partners meet our standards, and stepping in to be sure you receive the benefits and treatment you are entitled to under the law. The SkillEase promise is “integrity in service”, and our team stands by that promise.

Skilled Candidates

We match skilled candidates with ideal opportunities to stretch those skills. We’re here as a full career lifecycle guide, so you can find and be your best.

CADD Connection

Take advantage of our close collaboration with CADD Centre. We cultivate a deep understanding of the ongoing skill and work journeys of all our candidates.

Culture of Service

Our team understands the technologies and skills we hire. And we stand by our guarantee of prompt, reliable response time and only ideal matching.

Ongoing Value

SkillEase stands with our candidates and employment partners before, during, and after that first day on the new job to bring exceptional value.

It’s more than a job, it’s the
next best step in your career.


Employers increasingly require candidates that fit not just into jobs, but also into different engagement models to match different needs. Whether you need to move fast with temporary help, want the dedication of a permanent hire, or like the option of flex-to-perm, SkillEase provides candidates who are a match in every way. Right-Sized Engagements provide maximum value right when you need it.


This program is built to supply technical and engineering talent for firms that need a steady stream of a specific skilled role. We work with you to build a flexible requisition model. Then we source and skill candidates to match, so you have programmers, designers, engineers, data scientists, or whatever highly skilled technician you need. You can relax knowing we have a pipeline of highly qualified candidates ready when you are.


This program meets the particular needs of high-volume employers. SkillEase works with employer partners who need dozens, even hundreds of employees all at once. With MultiHire, you get support services specific to high-volume hiring. We plan ahead to help you tackle logistical challenges in transporting, feeding, housing, and training new hires, so your big project isn’t rattled by unexpected crises.


As your human resource requirements evolve, SkillEase has enhanced support capabilities designed to meet the most sophisticated of needs. Decide what’s most important to you: guaranteed replacements, custom orientation, pre-employment training, 24/7 phone support for shift workers, skill upgrades for whole teams—SkillEase provides all of these services and more for employers who need them.