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The right job makes a tremendous difference. It can build a career and change your life. Let us help.

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How SkillEase works

SkillEase isn’t a staffing company—we’re a career management firm designed for you. You’re our client, and we’re here for you every step of the way. Our programs are designed for you to succeed.

We get to know you

You’re more than a resume. We want to understand, not only your skills and work experience, but also your personal style, lifestyle concerns, and goals for ongoing career development. Our Credentialing process helps us offer you the most compelling job opportunities, so you can contribute (and earn) your very best.
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You're matched with jobs

You want to succeed and grow, and you can only do that if you have the right opportunities. We work with our employer partners to target jobs that will best help you advance. Your career develops by working where your skills, experience, personality, and goals are right in line.

You're prepared

Landing the job is a big win. But it’s only the first step. Our team is planning ahead with your personalized career road map. You’ll be motivated to succeed on the job as you see how it prepares you for better and better opportunities. And we support you so you’re fully prepared to impress from day one.
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We support you

Our Service Guarantee is a promise. We want to see you grow and thrive, so we support you with access to the best tools, technology, software support, and advanced training. Work and technology keep changing, so your skill journey will always be ongoing, but we’re with you every step of the way, helping you deliver results you can be proud of.

You get a champion

Everyone deserves someone to advocate for them. We promote your history of success and champion you for increasingly valuable opportunities. We even customize metrics to demonstrate your contribution. You build a portfolio of accomplishments, making each career move another opportunity to advance.

Industries we hire in

Your career coach works with you to find the best opportunities for you. Whether your passion is healthcare, engineering, programming, or something else entirely, SkillEase works with employers across dozens of industries. What do they have in common? A need for highly skilled candidates who are ready to show what they know.
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Our Employer Partners

We have earned a reputation for great matches in great companies. Our employment partners know SkillEase only presents high quality matches, so you have your best chance to work with employers who value you. The right introduction to the right employer can make a big difference in your career.
SkillEase employer partners
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Expect More

SkillEase works hard to make sure you receive fair treatment and are placed with reputable employers. We maintain an environment of trust. That means staying current with all regulations, making sure our employer partners meet our standards, and stepping in to be sure you receive the benefits and treatment you are entitled to under the law. The SkillEase promise is “integrity in service”, and our team stands by that promise.

Skilled Candidates

We match skilled candidates with ideal opportunities to stretch those skills. We’re here as a full career lifecycle guide, so you can find and be your best.

CADD Connection

Take advantage of our close collaboration with CADD Centre. We cultivate a deep understanding of the ongoing skill and work journeys of all our candidates.

Culture of Service

Our team understands the technologies and skills we hire. And we stand by our guarantee of prompt, reliable response time and only ideal matching.

Ongoing Value

SkillEase stands with our candidates and employment partners before, during, and after that first day on the new job to bring exceptional value.

It’s more than a job, it’s the
next best step in your career.