About Us


Work and workers specialize and change year after year. This exciting progress has caused a skill gap to open. Your needs are continually evolving, making it harder and harder for great companies and talented professionals to find each other. SkillEase was designed to make the right match at the right moment for maximum success to both employee and job mission.

CADD Centre has been at the forefront of this evolution in work, anticipating and advancing job skills for over 25 years. As the need for these advanced skills accelerated, SkillEase was founded to develop a complete "career lifecycle" approach to employment. Today SkillEase is a full-service staffing firm dedicated to total talent management.

Partnering with specialized technology providers, SkillEase is implementing a technology-driven platform to provide Employers and Job Seekers with superior results. SkillEase is the antidote to the transactional placement services mindset prevalent in the industry.

Whether it’s specialized technology, a limited geography, a tough timetable, or a unique environment, SkillEase ensures that Employers find the right Job Seeker. Every day, our team of advisors is talking to skilled professionals and finding them ideal matches to their unique career goals.

If you're a job seeker looking to tackle your next career milestone, you benefit from introductions to our quality employers. And if you are an employer needing the ideal candidate for your success, take advantage of our trusted relationship with talented professionals.